First of its Kind

Golfhubber is the first complete golf network of its kind, bringing clubs, pros, and amateurs together on a shared digital platform. It helps users interact in all aspects of the game and provides 39,000 active scorecards, live-score tournaments, stats, and many more exciting features. Golfhubber will soon become the go-to app for all your golfing needs — connecting the game.

Connect & Share

Connect with your friends, favourite clubs, and pros. Share your golfing experience with them through our social media platform.

Discover & Compete

Use our interactive scorecards to compete with your friends on over 39,000 courses worldwide. Discover tournaments and keep track of your progress using the live leaderboard.

Analyse & Improve

Take shots off your rounds and lower your handicap by analysing in-depth statistics. Improve your performance by targeting problem areas.



Golfhubber is a literal game-changer. With its slick interface and impressive range of features, the app will change the way you play golf.

Integrated Platform

The first app of its kind, Golfhubber hosts interactions between golf pros, clubs, and amateurs on a single platform. Follow your favourite golf pros and clubs, organise games with your friends, and keep track of your golfing performance, all within the app

Intuitive Design.

The app is designed to be easy to use even while offering a high level of customisation and a comprehensive range of useful features. An inbuilt search function makes it easy to find what you're looking for, and bespoke push notifications make it easy for you to receive the updates that you want.

Unique Features

The app is packed with useful features designed to help you improve your golfing performance and stay connected to the golf community. These features include detailed in-game statistics, live scorecards for 39,000 courses worldwide, and an in-built instant messaging service.

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